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What is Birth Coaching and Why it is Important for your Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations! You're pregnant!!

father and mother hand on pregnant belly

Pregnancy and birth are such pivotal parts of your life and the life of the baby you are growing. Having a calm, peaceful, informed pregnancy and birth is truly the best gift you can give your child. While birth may seem like an isolated event, there are ripple effects that can be seen for the rest of a person's life, including teeth and bone formation, trauma, gut microbiome, and so much more.

It can be so challenging to know where to start. You may be asking yourself:

  • what can I eat (do I really need to give up sushi, deli meat, and soft cheeses?!)

  • when do I need to see a care provider

  • do I need an OB

  • what are my options for care providers

  • what prenatal do I need (consider folate vs folic acid, choline, do you need one?)

  • do I need ultrasounds? are they safe for the baby?

  • is this safe for me to use

  • how important is it that I do XYZ

  • I am pregnant with twins, do I need to be induced

  • My baby is breech at 36 weeks, what are my options

  • can I still exercise throughout my pregnancy

  • is hospital birth my only option

  • if I birth in the hospital, what do I need to be prepared for

  • if I birth outside of the hospital, what do I need to be prepared for

  • is the hospital's birth class enough to prepare me (HINT: it's NOT!!)

If you're feeling overwhelmed, scared, confused, or some mix of emotions that you can't seem to put into words, that's completely normal. This is where I can help you!!

Beginning in the 1900s, our culture began to change its thinking on what birth is. For centuries birth was not a medical event - it was a physiological event that happened and most of the time, it went really well. When doctors began to take over the pregnancy care and birthing rooms, mother-led care was pushed aside. This began with having women birth on their backs. Then they added mandatory episiotomies. Then they added twilight sedation. Then they told women that they shouldn't nurse their babies because formula was much healthier for them. Then women were able to get epidurals, but couldn't move or walk around for their labors. Then women were told that they couldn't eat during their entire active labor. Then babies are whisked away so a doctor can assess them as if a mother doesn't intuitively know if her baby needs extra help. And so on and so on.

How does this resonate with you? Have you educated yourself on the history of birth or are you going along with what everyone is doing?

newborn baby feet

Let's work together to help make sure you're educated on all of your options so that whatever you choose to do, you will be informed. Birth Coaching can help you understand the history of birth, what your options are for care, what are the considerations before, during, and after birth (ex. newborn bath, circumcision, vitamin K, eye ointment, and so much more). With coaching, we will meet throughout your pregnancy to work through each step. I will offer you educational materials to look through, exercises to think about, and space to talk through your desires and how to manifest those desires. This isn't us creating a birth plan. This is us working through your limiting beliefs to get to the core of what you want for your pregnancy and birth.

Trust God, Respect Birth

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal, physiologic process and that if you allow it to unfold without intervention, 99% of the time, everything will work out well. I believe that the standard of care should not be for the end goal to just be a live baby in the basinet. I believe that you were made for and deserve more. Now of course there are times when medical intervention is necessary and thank the Lord that we have amazing OBs (surgeons) and medical advancements that enable us to save the mother and child, but if you are a healthy woman who lives a well balanced lifestyle, odds are that you do not need to be in the medical model to safely birth your baby.

Schedule your free discovery call today so we can begin the work of ensuring that you have the pregnancy and birth that you and your baby were made for. Again, I base all of my work on the following:

"It is your duty to cause the young mother to enjoy, less by your words than by your whole manner of acting, the greatness, beauty and nobility of that life which begins, is formed and lives in her womb, that child which she bears in her arms and suckles at her breast; to make shine in her eyes and heart the great gift of God’s love for her and her child." -Pope Pius XII Letters to Midwives


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