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What is Catholic Health Coaching and How can it Help You?

Health coaching is a growing field that aims to help a person determine and reach their health related goals. These goals can be very specific (ex. I want to go on a 15 mile hike without pain, I want to reduce my bloating, etc) to very general (ex. I want to feel better than I do right now). Whatever your reason, a health coach can help you determine your goals, empower you to make plans on how you can reach your goals, and walk with you as you step closer to your ideal health. Loreto Wellness offers Catholic Health Coaching - health coaching that is rooted in Christ.

catholic health coaching
Why You Need a Women's Health coach

Coaching is a collaborative experience. A free discovery call gives us time to get to know each other and to see how I can help you work towards your goals. Our sessions together are typically 90 or 45 minutes long held over 3-6 months. These sessions are an important part of your path to healing as they allow me to really understand your stressors, joys, struggles, and current lifestyle. During our time together, I will empower you to take radical responsibility for your health and support you as you make attainable and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Loreto Wellness specializes in women's health related issues. I specialize in helping you with:

  • Hormone Imbalances (hair loss, weight gain, acne, irregular cycles headaches, low libido, etc)

  • Gut Health Issues (bloating, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea)

  • Survival Mode

  • Holistic Living

  • General health and wellness

When working towards health goals, it its important to not only look at the symptoms that you are experiencing, but also your overall picture of health. Health Coaching helps you to determine what you want to work on, make a plan for how to achieve your goal, and will walk with you as you achieve your goal.

catholic health coach
women's health coaching

There are many models of wellness that can be practiced. At Loreto Wellness, Jesus is the center of our lives. Sometimes it can feel like He’s not present, not near us during the good and bad times. Jesus needs to be the center of our lives. We will ask His Mother, the Blessed Mother, to accompany us to Her Divine Son.

We will utilize a Holistic Women's Health Assessment to determine your current state of integrated health. This model looks at perspective, connection, nourishment, strength, contribution, attention, and rest. We will look at all areas of your life to see how we can optimize your health so you can not only feel well, but also better serve your family and community.

The time is now to start taking control of your health. God gives us one life to live and it is up to us to live it well.

"Life is short, I want to live it well."


Schedule a free discovery call to see how I can help you reach your health goals!

Pax et Amor

- Brigid


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