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Your Dream Birth is Possible

This workshop will show you how to make your dream birth a reality.

Download the guide 👇 & work through it after watching the video

Pregnant Woman in Nature

This guide will prepare you to:

  • See God’s role in your pregnancy and birth

  • Make sure you receive the education you deserve

  • Make choices from a place of peace

  • Communicate your desires to experience birth the way you desire

Click here to download

Now that you know what you want...

...let's chat about the support that will help make your dream a reality!
Do any of these sound like you?

You want a natural birth, but aren't sure how to make it happen

You want your birth to look different than what's considered "normal" nowadays

You've given birth before, but want something different this time

Your last birth left you feeling like a machine that was something to control instead of valued

You know your body is made to have babies and don't want the interventions

You want to keep God at the center of the birth and to learn more about His design

What is keeping you from achieving your Dream Birth?

Prenatal Portrait

That. Is. Not. True. 

When you learn about how amazingly your body was created and how beautiful the birth process is, you'll change your mind.

You and your baby have got this (and God really has got this).


Your BP is too high? Let's work on that with holistic treatments (aka FOOD).

Your blood glucose levels are showing you have gestational diabetes? Hmm...let's chat about what that actually means and a more accurate test.

You came back GBS+? Before accepting those antibiotics, let's go over the alternatives. 

Your hips are "too small". Eh, it doesn't really work like that. Let's chat physiology.

Walking in Fields
Mother and Daughter

Well, let me tell you something about cervical checks: they don't mean much. A long while ago, a doctor decided that a woman should be progressing at a certain rate and otherwise, interventions were necessary. 

OUR  BODIES AREN'T MACHINES. You can do this and with a little education and strategy, you can rock your physiological birth (even with previous c-sections).

What is this was your reality instead...

You're 41 weeks and are on your porch swing enjoying the sun. You've been asked by everyone, "when is baby coming?" Your response, "whenever baby is ready." You trust yourself, your baby, and God's timing. 

You get up and walk around your yard, enjoying your beautiful flowers and the sounds of nature. 

Later that night, you start to feel different, but you aren't quite sure how to explain it. You settle into bed knowing you'll know when "it's time". 

You get some sleep at night and around 4am, it's time to meet your little one. There is no rushing. There is no panic. There is peace. You allow yourself to settle into your ideal environment and you ride the waves of labor. And then, you meet your little one. 

You pull them into your arms (or they do the breast crawl up to you), and you begin this new  journey of motherhood. You're grateful. You're at peace.

Are you ready to make your dreams your reality?
  • Painful Menstruation
    Do you struggle to get out of bed and find yourself curled up in a ball under your covers during menstruation? Have your doctors told you the cure is to take birth control? I'm here to tell you that won't solve your problem. Let's work together to get to the root cause of your painful periods so you can feel better and live!
  • Hormone Health
    Transition off birth control, heal your PCOS or endometriosis, prepare for conception, and more! Let's get your hormones functioning optimally.
  • Survival Mode
    Do you feel like you are always on the go? Always stressed? Can't find joy no matter what you do? Coaching can help you gain clarity, set boundaries, and help you to live intentionally.
  • Sleeplessness/Fatigue
    Are you struggling with sleeplessness or fatigue? Let's dig into why you're having trouble sleeping or why you're experiencing extreme fatigue.
  • Gut Issues/Abdominal Pain
    Are you struggling to know what to eat, what will make you feel good, how to prepare these foods, and enjoy food again? Coaching will help you come up with an individualized, sustainable plan so you can properly fuel your body.
  • Overwhelm
    Life feels hard. Nothing comes easily. You don't even know where to start, but you know you have to do something otherwise it's just going to get worse. Let's work on your limiting beliefs, what you really want, strategies for change, small steps to lead you on your way to healing, and relying on God through the entire process.
  • Holistic Living
    I can help you make simple swaps in your life to reduce your toxic load to help your body function more efficiently to help reduce pain, inflammation issues, allergies, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to make your dreams your reality?
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