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Doula Services

Borrowed from Greek δούλα (doúla, “servant-woman”)

Attending in-person births within a 30 mile radius from zipcode 16142 
Holding Newborn Baby

Congratulations, Mama!

I am so excited for you! You are the perfect mama for your baby and I can't wait for you to experience the life-changing experience of birthing your child.


I base all of my work on the following:

"It is your duty to cause the young mother to enjoy, less by your words than by your whole manner of acting, the greatness, beauty and nobility of that life which begins, is formed and lives in her womb, that child which she bears in her arms and suckles at her breast; to make shine in her eyes and heart the great gift of God’s love for her and her child."

-Pope Pius XII Letters to Midwives


Doula Services

I would love to walk with you and hold space for you to birth your baby on your terms. Our time together will start with a chat about what it is you want your birth to look like. While it is an honor to help all mothers, I specialize in unmedicated and home births.  

I believe in:

  • holistic, mother-led care

  • the ability of your body to birth your baby

  • the act of birth being a physical, spiritual, and transformative event

Newborn Baby
Baby's Grasp
Holding Newborn

Let's Work Together!

We will work together to make a plan for the birth you desire starting with prenatal nutrition, stress management, and rest all the way through your postpartum recovery. 

Investments start at $999. There is truly no better gift for your child than a trusting, well-informed birth.

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