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Make Choices From A Place of Peace

through Catholic birth preparation & wellness coaching

Are you ready for your questions to actually be answered?

Do you want strategies rooted in Christ and not new-age ideas?

Do you want to find out what you want to do and not what everyone else is telling you to do?

I will walk with you to help you feel less overwhelmed while your pursue your goals. Instead of the one-size-fits-all secular medical model, I will listen to you, your questions will be answered, and I'll support you making decisions based on your values and to discern what God is asking you to do.

How I Can Help You:

With all of my services, I utilize my coaching background. This means that I will listen to your story, encourage you to make your own decisions, and walk with you on your journey. 

Fertility Awareness (Billings Ovulation Method Instruction)

How Coaching is Different  than Traditional Healthcare:

You probably know the experience all too well. You make the doctors appointment because you know something is wrong, but you need help to figure out how to fix it. After waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, you head to their office, wait in the lobby for 40 minutes, only to have a 5 minute appointment with the doctor and a prescription pushed on you. Your questions aren't answered. You haven't felt heard. You're not comfortable with the next step. 

Most healthcare practitioners are operating under the medicalized model of healthcare:  get patients in and out as quickly as possible. Although a practitioner may want to spend more time with you, unfortunately, the current system is not set up to support individualized care.

The coaching model is very different. 

As your Health Coach, we are in a collaborative relationship. I will never tell you what to do (as much as you may want me to)! I get to take the time to learn about your goals, desires, and dreams. I can really listen to you. I am able to sit with you, offer you research and education, and support you to make the best decision for you. We usually spend 60 minutes together per session and work together weekly over months to make sure you're healing from the inside out. Your questions are answered. You feel heard. You feel comfortable and confident in your next step.  

Let's find out what you want to do, not what everyone is telling you to do. 

Coaching Vs. Healthcare

“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord;
let it be done to me according to your word."

(Luke 1:38)

It's time to recognize the beauty in your life, take accountability for your decisions, and enhance your trust in God's divine design.

If you're searching for an alternative to the overly medicalized model of health care, I am here to support you in your walk towards peace, understanding, and trust

Specializing in - catholic health coaching - catholic childbirth education - women's health coaching - postpartum support.

"It is your duty to cause the young mother to enjoy, less by your words than by your whole manner of acting, the greatness, beauty and nobility of that life which begins, is formed and lives in her womb, that child which she bears in her arms and suckles at her breast; to make shine in her eyes and heart the great gift of God’s love for her and her child."

-Pope Pius XII Letters to Midwives

Are you frustrated?

1 /  The medicalized model of health care isn't listening to you. You aren't getting answers and are still feeling unwell or need additional support. 

2 / You've tried everything and nothing seems to be working or you've done all the research and still aren't sure.

3 / You know God made you for more, but aren't sure what your next step is or who will support you.

I believe that your body is divinely designed and is capable. 

I will help you feel less overwhelmed, to base your decisions on your values, to discern what God is asking of you, and to help you feel supported throughout your entire journey.

Alexandra D.

Brigid is a kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable coach. She educates and presents information in an accessible way. You can tell she’s so passionate about helping women and families and truly believes in the work. Brigid has helped me stay positive and hopeful throughout my pregnancy and I would recommend her services to other women on this journey! Thank you, Brigid. 🙏🏼

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