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Fertility Awareness

Are you ready to understand what is happening with your body? Are you ready to lean into your feminine genius?

Practicing fertility awareness and being open to life can be challenging in today’s culture. We will not only learn the Billings Ovulation Method, but we will also work through your limiting beliefs, how to communicate your needs and desires with your spouse, and understanding and accepting God’s will during your family’s discernment process. 

The Billings Ovulation Method is a simple, effective fertility awareness method. It is 99%+ effective when the four simple rules are followed. The method can be used to achieve or postpone a pregnancy and to understand general health. ​The method is easy to learn and implement during any stage of life event during the postpartum and perimenopausal stages.

I will be available for messaging support throughout our time working together so you can rest assured that you understand your hormone genius. Training includes a welcome packet with resources to help you get started charting and understanding your fertility, two 60 minute informational sessions and three 20 minute follow-up calls. Additional follow-ups available as needed.

Investments start at $300. 


I will not turn anyone away if they cannot pay. Please contact me for scholarship options. Every woman has a right to understand her fertility.

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